Work Lunch – Cheap & Yummy Falafel Pasta. Yum!

25 Jan 16  / Pete

Pasta on the boil whilst I got ready for work this morning. Took it to work with nothing but a bit of butter on it. Added half a tin of tomatoes, chilli flakes and basil and there was my sauce. Then half a pack of falafel, some spring onions, cress and more basil and you have a simple, healthy, cheap and delicious work lunch!

If you aren’t doing this at work on your lunch then you might be at home and have a few more ingredients to hand. If so, you can always add even more flavour with a dash of balsamic vinegar in your sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Oh now that sounds bang on the bloody money! Get in there you delicious treat of a dish!

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