Won a Marathon Spot – In 3 Weeks! Argh!

09 Sep 15  / Pete

All it takes is a quick Tweet and all of a sudden you can be congratulated with winning a free spot in the Bournemouth Marathon! Or so was the case for me this week.

Excited as I was, I double checked the date right away. I was expecting some time in 2016, probably mid to late Summer time. 3 weeks on Sunday. 3 weeks on bloody Sunday! I completed my first half marathon only 2 days prior to this tweet. So, the options were…

  1. Don’t be daft Pete…you can’t possibly attempt a marathon yet. Hand the baton over to another lucky winner and train for 2016.
  2. Go for it! You only live once. Ignore what your friends and family say and see how much a flight is there and back.

Obviously I went for number 2 because I don’t like to take the normal option! When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When you win a free place in a marathon on the other side of the country, you check flights or trains and if it is viable, you get your place booked and your shorts at the ready! Well…I do anyway! haha.

In 4 weeks time I shall be reporting my first marathon (can’t believe I just wrote that!). Not to worry though, I have a trip to Budapest and a 2 day assault course to come between now and then!

Oh Pete…who will write your blog in 4 weeks time when they discover you on the marathon course?

Want to know your limits in life? Push yourself!

I bloody love a challenge!!

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