My Week Of Training – Week #3

03 May 16  / Pete

Week 3 of my tracked training schedule. I have been really happy with my efforts the last couple of weeks. This week was good again but it did finish with sambucas! Well it was a public holiday. I’m only human haha. Still managed 16kms of running the day after!

Monday – REST

Having finished the week strong with a good Sunday night run and a walk in Hebden Bridge, the rest day was well timed.

Tuesday – 7km Banana Run

Here we go again! Banana suit on, 7kms ran early in the morning before work. More people in Glossop think I am an escaped nutjob. Happy days! haha

Wednesday – Yoga in the morning (Nike Training App), 5km race at night and 5km jog

With the Stride Through The Woods race at night time, I felt that this was a great morning to do 45 minutes of yoga. The Nike Training Club App is something I have been using for 3 weeks now and it has an advanced yoga workout that really hits the spot! Stretched my muscles out superbly for my race day.

Stride Through The Woods 5km Trail Race

This was a really fun and enjoyable race. I finished 17th out of 134 runners. A really pleasing result! You can view my full review of the race here.

Stride Through The Woods 5k

Thursday – Nike Training Club workout in morning – 45 minutes Full Body Sculpting

Another workout thanks to the Nike Training Club App, and this one was tough work. The body sculpting app hits you with a whole host of great exercises in a HIIT style.

  • Jogging
  • Plank rotations
  • Ski jump cross lunges
  • Sumo squats with press
  • Frog jumps to shoulder press
  • Mountain climbers
  • Alternating frog jumps
  • Side planks
  • Roll up
  • Touch touches with a medicine ball
  • Squat jumps
  • Side lunges
  • This is only half of it!!!

I cannot recommend this app enough. It has helped me do some workouts at the gym on my own, that without an app like this to keep me motivated, I may not have hit such an intense level of effort on my own. I say ‘may’ not have…I definitely wouldn’t have! Get this app in your life.

Thursday Night – Sports massage – At The Beauty Box, Glossop

Another thing that every runner should have in their life…sports massages. If you are running 3 or more times per week as I am, plus you are racing and working out, you need to look after your body. This includes good stretching, eating right, complimenting your running with strength and core exercises and flexibility in the form of yoga and pilates, and sports massages are a huge deal too.

Yes, I know…they are not the cheapest thing in the world, but for me, it is money well spent. If one per month keeps my legs in better shape, then the ¬£35 I spend each month is well worth it!

Friday – REST

Saturday – Race Day – Saddleworth Runners 10 Mile Trail Cake Race

A fantastic 10 mile race with 1600ft of inclines and finished with cake! You can read my full race report here.

Saddleworth Runners 10 Mile Cake Race

Sunday – Drinks!

Plenty of stretching and a night out drinking beer and sambuca! haha. I know…terrible behaviour! I hadn’t had a drink in almost 1 month and I won’t for another month after this night, but I had a little blowout with some friends as it was a public holiday and because I bloody well felt like it!

I kicked it into touch on Monday with a 16km run!

Happy running and training everyone! Let me know how your all getting along this week. Come on! Lets motivate each other and absolutely smash it!