My Week Of Training #2

25 Apr 16  / Pete

Following on from last week’s brutal finish at the Under Armour boot camp, I had a strong week to follow on from. Lots of running was required along with some swimming and strength training. I had a pretty good week again. Happy training!

Monday – Running with Sweatshop. 14kms

I appeared to have avoided the day after aches from Under Armour bootcamp, but I could tell that the DOMS were going to strike come Tuesday, so I struck whilst the iron was hot and banged out a hard run with Sweatshop Hyde.

Because I’m an idiot, I usually run in front and get a bit giddy, sometimes in the wrong direction. Monday was no exception! Ha.

Down Apple Street I ran. And I ran fast. Apple Street is a steeeep old Road. 3 minutes of waiting…’I’m not that much faster than everyone! Ah bollocks…I’m going to have to run back up!’

This is how I get my extra hill training in haha.

Tuesday – REST DAY – NO DOMS!

I planned to have this as my rest day after my tough run on Monday as I was expecting the DOMS to strike from that and the weekend’s bootcamp…but it never happened. Don’t get me wrong, I had some mild aches in my shoulders from doing halos with a 15kg plate and my legs didn’t exactly feel brand new, but all in all, I was doing ok. Result!

Wednesday morning – Banana suit running in Glossop

My 3rd week in which i have dressed as a banana and ran up and down the High Street in Glossop. This always results in a few smiles and people looking at me with that ‘what the fuck?’ raised eyebrows expression haha. Got about 7km in this week on my steady banana run. Also passed my great workmate, Dave and grabbed a selfie!

Glossop Banana

Thursday 13kms ran – Stride in the woods trial run

With my next event coming up within a few days, I went to check out the course layout. The race is The Stride In The Woods 5k which is a trail race 15 minutes run from my house.

The course has 2 loops, both including a rather steep hill. This bugger takes it out of you! I managed to complete my test run in 22:11, so I’ll be aiming to complete the race in a time faster than that. Or that will be my aim!

Friday – Core strength and flexibility at the gym

I’ve got plenty of running in so far this week, so it was time to mix things up with a good workout that involved both core strength training and finished it off with a few solid yoga poses.

Saturday swimming

Now this is something I haven’t done in a few months and needed to get back too! I really enjoy the swim and managed to get 36 lengths in. Happy days!


Sunday – walking and running

I went and met up with a friend in Hebden Bridge for a nice walk for 8kms and got in some good fresh air. Then it was running time to finish the week well!

16kms at a steady pace. That’s a fine way to finish Sunday off.

Monday next…..another week, another fresh start? Another week who’s ass needs whooping!!! Come on!!