My Training Week #4 – 4 x Runs, 1 x HIIT, 1 x Yoga

10 May 16  / Pete

Did I smash it this week? You’re damn right I did! My motivation levels have been awesome all week long and I pushed hard. From my 16km run dressed as a banana on Monday, to my HIIT at the gym, awesomely painful hill reps running, and two runs on Saturday including Parkrun and a fell race! And a 2 hour yoga workshop! Boom! That’s how you kick the week’s ass!

Monday – 16km Run

After ending last week with a few beers, I wanted to get this week going as soon as possible, so Monday was a run around Glossop and Hadfield on a lovely sunny Bank holiday afternoon. 16 kms at a nice steady pace, dressed as a banana. Yes, I know…dressing as a banana again! Well, I did say that I would do it once per week for no other reason than to motivate people and to make people laugh. So far, so good!

Tuesday – REST

Rest day! Sometimes I like rest day, but in all honesty, most of the time it is my least favourite day of the week. I miss the endorphin buzz on this day and half of the time don’t know what to do with myself. But it has to be done. Overtraining is a crime and I always make sure I rest, especially when I have done a couple of long runs over the last 3 days.

Wednesday – Nike Plus Full Body Sculpture Workout

Another 45 minutes of hard work at 7:30am. Once per week, I try and get a workout in before work. This is something I never used to manage or enjoy, but just doing it once per week when it suits, really kicks me up the ass for that day and not only improves my energy for my fitness routine, but I definitely benefit from those early morning endorphins when I get to work that day. It is definitely noticeable the day I have been to the gym before work because I am buzzing like a kid after a pack of Smarties!

Thursday – Hill Reps With Tony, Rosie and Thomas from the Sweatshop Crew

Sweatshop running nights are Monday and Wednesday, but with the Tour of Tameside coming up, Tony has started doing some hill rep work with a few of us on Thursday nights. With the tour plus the other mental uphill fell battles I have coming up, I need to keep the good hill work going. I am really pleased with how I am doing on the hill work so far this year. Keep those challenges coming! I am gonna eat them up! haha.

Friday – REST

I was planning on using this evening to get some yoga in but with a lovely invite to a yoga workshop on Saturday, and a race that day too, it was another rest day!

Saturday – Parkrun Glossop, Up The Nab Fell Race & 2 Hour Yoga Workshop

You may now understand why I did absolutely nothing on Friday! I ran the Parkrun in my banana outfit again, due to popular demand haha. Having said that, I did have a couple of people mention that being overtaken by a banana was somewhat soul destroying during their run! ha. My apologies to anyone who did feel that way, I will probably do a few more Parkruns as the human me and more of my banana running on the High Street. I only want to motivate people, after all. That’s what it’s all about!

Up the Nab Fell Race – Charlesworth

This was a UK Championships race which I had only found out about the previous day when I was on lunch at work. Yes…this is the kind of thing I find when I have a few minutes and a phone in my hand haha.

The Nab was a beast of a race for a short distance. I say short, it was a 4-mile course, although I heard talk after the race that it was extended and was actually closer to 5 miles. A flat road race would be fairly straight forward for me at this distance, but this was far from that. With 1200ft of inclines over that distance, it was a leg burner! But I love it. No pain, no gain. And some of the downhill sections were absolutely brilliant. Yes, it was exhausting, but the downhill sections in these races made me feel like a kid, flying downhill, absolutely legging it!

2 Hour Yoga Workshop with Liz Whitham

Exploring the shoulders – releasing tension, improving strength and mobility.

After some serious running earlier in the day, and previously in the week, a yoga workshop was exactly what I needed. I was aching during certain positions due to the fact that I had finished my fell race only a couple of hours previously, but this class certainly hit the spot. The flexibility and core strength gained from doing yoga and pilates cannot be underestimated for runners. It is the perfect way to compliment the running work you are doing and will help in the prevention of injuries in so many ways.

For those of you in the Northwest of England, especially Manchester or Bolton, get in contact with Liz Whitham about her yoga and pilates classes. She is absolutely brilliant and I can’t recommend her classes enough.

Yoga with Liz Whitham - The Life Centre Manchester

Sunday – REST

What better way to finish the week than with some much-needed recovery? As I mentioned, I don’t enjoy resting too much at all, but appropriate rest is as key as the training itself.

In need of motivation for your week? You can do it! Set yourself some little goals and focus on the week one day at a time. Give it all you have got and I promise you will feel better when you look back on each day!

Up The Nab Charlesworth

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