My Training Week – 17th April 2016 – Awesome Week!

17 Apr 16  / Pete

I’m back from my holidays and I wanted to share my training each week to keep me motivated after an indulgent couple of weeks. This week involved running, strength training, yoga and HIIT. Very happy with the mix this week!

Monday night – Sweatshop running club

13kms steady running.

I’ve got a couple of runs in since returning from Vietnam, a couple of steady 10kms to get the legs moving again after too much of a good time! After this 13km, I feel like I’m back in the swing of things. I’ve kicked the holiday blues and I’m feeling good.

Tuesday night – strength training. Back to the gym!

I used the Nike training club app for the first time and did an HIIT full body workout for 45 minutes. Shit the bed! I smashed myself on this one! I used to do loads of HIIT but it’s been a while since I’ve do it regularly and this was straight in at the deep end.

Wednesday morning – Running dressed as a banana in Glossop! 7.5kms ran.

Yes, 7.5kms dressed up as a banana. For those of you that don’t know, I like to do silly things to make people smile. My latest one is to run about the high street near my work, once per week, dressed as a banana. I suggest you try it. It’s damn good for the spirit! hahaha.

Wednesday evening – 13kms running with Sweatshop Hyde. Apple Street!

Apple Street is a beast of an uphill road. Leading up to Werneth Low Golf course which is just about the highest local point near me where you can see over all over Manchester. A great view once you are up there but you are going to feel that burn on the way! My loins were on fire for a while but I bloody loved it haha.


Dom d dom DOMS! mwahahaha

By Thursday morning, I had slight regrets about doing a double run the day after doing my first HIIT workout in a while. Take my advice, if you are doing something as full on as an advanced HIIT workout for the first time, planning a double run the day after is the planning of a fool. Luckily, I am the idiot that has found out for you! ha


Thursday and Friday – REST!

2 days rest? Not my usual form, but my legs were pretty shagged after 3 days hard work and doing anything at all would have been completely detrimental to my week of work. It only would have set me back.

Saturday – Free yoga for runners class at The Life Centre, Manchester

A free weekend of yoga classes is on in Manchester? You’re damn right I’m having some of that action. It was an opening weekend at what was previous The Yoga Lounge, and the class was just what I needed before a hard final push on Sunday!

Sunday – HIIT – Under Armour last man standing bootcamp

Another awesome free workout, this time, thanks to Under Armour. Advertised as the hardest workout you will ever have, this was pretty full on. In a darkened warehouse packed full of some seriously keen fitness minds, there was some serious energy being burned in that room today! I absolutely loved it! My arms were like jelly, my thighs like fire, but this felt absolutely brilliant. I know I hit it hard today and that was a fantastic way to end the week.


All in all, I am happy with this week. A good balance of running, high-intensity work and yoga. A great balance to help me strengthen my runs! Now time to plan next week! Woohoo!

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