Tatton Yule Yomp – Super Christmassy 10K

09 Dec 15  / Pete

My final 10k event of the year was one hell of a Christmassy one! For anyone who gets the chance to do one of these events, do it! Where an Elf outfit and leg it. You will have a big smile on your face at the end.

My final competitive 10k of 2015 was a supercharged Christmas occasion. I absolutely loved it! This was my 19th day of running 10k as Buddy The Elf and for once, I was not the only Elf running around!

This race was still a serious competition, but also attracted a lot of Christmas spirit and really made my weekend despite the fact that I was far from hitting my PB.

Tatton Park is a good run and a beautiful park. It is a trail run in truth, with the majority being across fields. I prefer it when there is some off road in a race. I actually seem to get better times in trail races where the surface is uneven and there is some variety in the style of running required.

My Aim:

I have had a sub 40 minute 10k in my head since my first ever 10k about 7 months ago where I achieved a time of just under 48 minutes. Since then I have done 7 10k events and got my best down to 41 minutes.

In realistic terms, this was not going to be the day I beat a PB. I was dressed as an Elf (the equivalent of running in a sauna), the weather had been crazy all weekend and I had ran 10k for the past 18 days, including setting a new 5k PB the previous day.

44:33 was my eventual finishing time, which has become a fairly standard run time for me…but I loved the whole experience. I got lots of attention in my #GlossopElf outfit and even a couple of new sponsors from it for my Marie Curie fund. This race was about much more than achieving a new time. It ended up being all about soaking up some super Christmas spirit!

I’m all full of Christmas cheer now!

I would urge anyone to do this race or any similar Christmas themed 10k. They are so much fun and will have you smiling all day.

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