Super Healthy Work Power Lunch

25 Nov 15  / Pete

Leftover veg? Cook a piece of salmon or chicken with some mixed beans the night before or pop it on at breakfast time and you can easily add some quick extras at lunch time to make yourself a beast of a healthy dish.


  • Salmon
  • Mexican beans
  • Mixed veg
  • Couscous – just add water to this and let it do it’s magic!
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Cashews

So here’s what you are gonna do:

Cooking Instructions

  1. Couscous in a bowl with some boiling water. Cover it up and in 5 mins it’s ready to rock n roll.
  2. Your salmon (or chicken), beans and veg just need popping in the microwave because you cooked them previously – you clever little bugger.
  3. Now all you need to do is chop up some fresh herbs and crush a few cashews and throw it all together.

How easy was that? Now tuck in and enjoy that beast of a meal because you deserve it for being well prepared.

Makes sure you eat this in front of a few work matesĀ and that jealous look will add to the taste! haha

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