Sprint Kitchen has arrived! Get in there!

21 Nov 14  / Pete

Finally! I’ve finished my bloody website! You better prepare yourself for lots of healthy yums combined with my very Northern English descriptions that some may find odd and confusing hahaha. Balls to it! Enjoy the blog!

At long last I have began blogging! Well…I have actually been writing my blogs for a while now but I have finished building my site and can unveil it to the world!

I’m keeping this blog simple and I’m going to shoot straight from the hip.

I am a food and running mad man. I think about food and running constantly and I literally see food as yummy, beautiful, tasty fuel. I am going to share my food on here and tell you how I use it as fuel to supplement my exercise and lifestyle.

Hopefully I can share some good recipes and tips and put some smiles on a few faces.

I am Pete. #cookingwanker #runningwanker

Enjoy the yummies you sexy swines!