Snowdon Race vs Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker. Which is more mental?!

30 Jul 17  / Pete

Having ran Snowdon International race for the second time 2 weeks ago, it got me wondering about the most severe of races that I have ran so far. Marathon distance aside, the only other race I can think of that destroys legs as much as this mountainous beast is The Mighty Deerstalker (Rat Race).

If you were currently wondering which crazy race to sign up for in 2018, these could both be in your considerations list and they should be! They are both pretty insane but in very different ways, so here is my side by side comparison of both races. The gloves are on, let’s see who comes out on top!

Snowdon Race vs Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker

Equal distance, but equal pain?

Both of these races are roughly 10 miles, despite the fact that The Mighty Deerstalker is advertised with no official distance and is spoken of as more like a 10k. Trust me, it is not even close! haha. For anyone who runs longer distances, 10 miles might not sound that tough, but these races are in my mind very close to the toughness of flat marathons, and they will leave your legs in almost as bad a condition! Crikey, why did I start with a question that I would struggle to answer!?

Answer: This one is a draw. They both left me walking line John Wayne the next day.

Snowdon Race vs Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker

Which is more dangerous?

Now there is a title I wasn’t expecting to write when I first started running! But seriously, you could do yourself some serious damage on both of these races if you don’t tread carefully. They’re bat shit crazy! I will also be completely honest and say that this is one of the attractions of both races to me. I love running in any race, but getting an adrenaline rush thrown in for good measure is a Brucey bonus!

Answer: Snowdon International Race is more dangerous. Only by a whisker though. You could have an incredible fall on both of these but I think the edges and drops on Snowdon help it take the prize on this point.

Which has the tougher climbs?

Snowdon is a well known beast and goes straight up in 1 huge leg destroying burst and then follows this up by throwing you back down the beaten track twice as fast as you came up it.

The Mighty Deerstalker is up and down like a yo-yo and sends your legs into constant confusion, but I think the fact that it varies it several times, makes it a fraction easier on the legs when compared to Snowdon.

Answer: Snowdon is only just tougher to climb.

The Mighty Deerstalker Race Profile
The Mighty Deerstalker is up and down like a yo-yo

Snowdon International Race

Does one contain any challenges that the other doesn’t?

Yes…The Mighty Deerstalker adds two ridiculous extra pieces into the pie. You do most of it in the dark with a head torch and it forces you to drag yourself through bone-chillingly freezing rivers.

Which race is the overall winner? Which one is the most crazy?!

Crikey…It is a seriously close one but I am going to say that Snowdon only just takes the prize.

That’s right, Snowdon International Race is the crazy one. Even though The Mighty Deerstalker ruins you in so many ways and almost breaks your soul, when people fall on Snowdon, they fall damn hard and a lot of them stay fell.

I would recommend both of these races though, absolutely! Snowdon is a great event with good support within the town and on the mountain, whilst The Mighty Deerstalker is a great event with a cracking after party involving beer, rock music and camping.

If you have to choose one race next year, change some plans and do both! haha

Happy running you sexy bastards.

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