Saddleworth Cake Race. Everything I Love About Running

08 May 17  / Pete

That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s a cake race, and it does exactly what it says on the cake tin…

The rules are simple, bake a cake of any kind (excluding space cakes, I presume) and bring it down as your race entry fee. The only other things that you need with you are your fell racing kit essentials. That’s it! I did tell you it was simple. The race itself however, is not quite as easy as that.

It’s a beast of a course

Now, the cake race may sound friendly enough, but it is actually a damn good leg burner of a run. With 1700ft of climbs over 10 miles of rugged terrain, this is one of my favourite courses that I have had the pleasure of tackling. I have competed twice in this event and both times I have thoroughly enjoyed it. If it gets tough, I just think of cake…lovely cake. Mmmmmmm.

I really wish I hadn’t wrote this blog at this time of night…I want to eat a bloody cake now! Bastard. I will have to have some oats to take away my craving.

Oats…they’re not as good as cake. This is bullshit. hahaha

Saddleworth Cake Race 2017
I do love those beautiful hills!

Why this race sums up what I love about running

Hills. Trails. Stairs. Beautiful scenery. Tough competitive runners. Enough cake to develop type 2 diabetes in a single afternoon.

Boom! There it is, everything I love about fell running in a nutshell. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

This running event gets everything right…

You won’t find an advert for it in your Runnersworld magazine, you don’t need to check your bank balance before daring to book a place due to the cost, in fact, you don’t even need to book a place…you just turn up with your cake and sign up on the day. If you don’t have a cake then you can pay £5, but where’s the fun and spirit in that?! When I say, if you don’t have a cake, obviously I mean if you can’t be bothered baking one, no one just has a spare cake knocking about! Spare cake isn’t a thing. It’s a concept that makes no sense. Spare cake? You f*cking maniac. Get out.

Saddleworth Cake Race 2017

Saddleworth Cake Race 2017

Saddleworth Cake Race 2017
That’s some serious cake skills

The awesome volunteers. You special bunch. I could kiss every one of you. Get running!

As with all fell races, there’s a group of very selfless volunteers who have been kind enough to give up their time to help organise and officiate the day, as well as the fantastic ladies and gents who get everyone registered and of course, the ones who provide the tea and coffee afterwards! You absolute legends, the lot of you!

Oh…and of course, there’s that one little detail that can’t be forgotten that makes this race pretty epic…as much cake as you would care to eat after your run!!! We all know that runners love cake. I think the majority of us actually run simply so that we can supplement a cake addiction.

I run, therefore I can eat as much cake as I like, at any point of any day. I am choosing to believe that this is the way the human body works 🙂

You get the message…I love this race and I don’t exactly hate cake either.

New course PB. Have a bit of that you swine!

As a side note, I knocked a pretty large chunk off my time from last year!

In 2016 – 1hr:27m:26s – 59th place.

2017 time – 1hr:15m:17s – 18th place.

Oosh! Have that legs! Over 12 minutes better than 12 months ago. Get in there! My eventual aim is to able to get to those cakes before anyone else for maximum choice. I will keep working hard and eating cake. Hopefully it will all pay off.

Thanks for reading you bunch of champions! Have a good one.

Saddleworth Cake Race 2017
18th. Happy with that. Very happy.
Saddleworth Cake Race 2017
Obviously I had to get a move on with these two fast approaching! haha

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