Running Saved My Life – Simon Lamb – Bipolar

06 Aug 15  / Pete

Simon Lamb is a 39-year-old bipolar sufferer who claims that on more than one occasion, running has saved his life. Having suffered for many years with depression, Simon was eventually diagnosed as being bipolar and has used running to combat his tough times.

In Christmas 2013, Simon ran 77 miles from London to Portsmouth! I read Simon’s story in Runnersworld UK last month and I just noticed that BBC’s ‘get inspired’ section has covered his story. I just had to share it because I know so many people who have used running to combat negative feelings, anxiety and depression. For anyone who has ever used exercise or running to battle their inner daemons, they will be able to relate to this, I’m sure. To watch the video, just pop over to the BBC get inspired site.

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