Run to a Confident You – Fitness Breeds Confidence

23 Nov 15  / Pete

Fitness and running in particular¬†has improved my confidence levels no end! Setting constant goals and aims helps me really boost my self-esteem and it’s a huge part of why I love it so much…

Anything to do with belief and confidence always strikes home with me as I probably haven’t been the most confident person in the past. Growing up, I suffered from severe shyness and low confidence like many others. Most of us have been there!

I tackled this in my mid 20’s by doing bits of solo travelling and in recent times, running and fitness classes have helped me progress further still as a person coming out of my shell.

From running the streets, to joining a running club, to running races all over the UK… I have done most of these things off my own back and it’s a great way of getting amongst like-minded people who will encourage and support you.

In 2015, I began running seriously. I ran with the Sweatshop community. I joined a running club. I added yoga and pilates classes to my life. I have improved my fitness, achieved goal after goal and this has all helped me become a much more confident me. I bloody love it!

I would recommend running to anyone looking to boost their confidence levels. It’s the absolute nuts!