Run – Nike Inspirational Video

19 Aug 15  / Pete

I’m a sucker for a good motivational video. I only need to hear a tune from the Rocky soundtrack and I will be wanting more! Especially the night before a race. It gets me fired up!

At least once per week I watch a motivational running video. Whether it is a new campaign from one of my favorites sportswear companies, or the latest mud run promo, I just love these. If you are into fitness, working out or have any goals involving exercise and physical fitness, these surely get you pumped up! If I have a race coming up, these are what I watch the night before to get me pumped. Sit back, relax, soak in the video, and then obviously you won’t want to relax and you will probably go and run out of the front door!

Oh…and there is a scene of fell running in this video in some mountains that I am guessing is somewhere like Mont Blanc. If anyone can actually tell me where it is, I will buy a flight today and get my runners packed because I am making a list of places I need to run for 2016! Go run!!!!!!

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