Recovering after an indulgent 2 week holiday

02 Apr 16  / Pete

2 weeks in Vietnam. No strength training. Only a couple of runs. Too much drink. Well…we all need to turn off and let our hair down now and again.

I treat my body well the majority of the time so I can afford a treat ?

Recovery plan – rebuild my stamina and strength.

Well firstly, I’ve got to get my running back on track. I was doing well before my trip. Running 3-4 times per week, this would involve 2 runs around the 10km mark, 1 slightly shorter run and a run of 10 miles or more.
My first run when I get home will probably be around the 10km mark. I’ve had too many beers over the last fortnight to even dream that I won’t be feeling slightly battered when I hit the road again.

Strength training.

I’m hitting the gym on the first day back. I’ll have to push through that post holiday lethargic feeling that I’m sure my body will throw at me but I’m looking forward to putting in the hard work again.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my holiday but I have missed my exercise. It’s time to get ship shape and kick some ass! My ass!!!

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