Proud to become an ASICS Frontrunner UK & Ireland Team Member

22 Apr 17  / Pete

Earlier this year, I got a surprising email from ASICS, inviting me to become part of their Frontrunner community. This was an email that I was pretty damn happy to read, especially as I had just got back from my holidays. It certainly took the edge off that ‘back to work’ feeling I had at the time!

For those of you who are unaware of what ASICS Frontrunner UK is, you probably have the same questions that I did before the Manchester Marathon meet up a few weeks back. As a mixed group of runners including triathletes, ultra runners, sprinters and a few other disciplines, the team is made up of roughly 40 members that were hand picked from around 4500-5000 applicants.

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team
Team mates! Look at them…what a sexy bunch of bastards they are haha

What does being a Frontrunner include? What’s it all about Pete?! Come on, spill the beans you crazy fool!

ASICS Frontrunner UK is a community. We interact as a group via social media on a regular basis, sharing our support and encouragement for one another and it feels like a group of friends that I have already known for a while. It isn’t all online though, heck no! We had a huge team meet up at the Manchester Marathon weekend where we had an incredible time. This included everybody staying at the Britannia Country House Hotel, Didsbury and from there we engaged in some cracking team-bonding activities (nothing weird, you dirty buggers haha).

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team
Not every day that I get to hold myself on a railing using nothing but the grasp of my arse cheeks! haha

Manchester Marathon Weekend Roundup

If I smash the weekend into a quick fire roundup, it looks exactly like this…


Chit chat at the hotel. Received the ASICS Frontrunner UK kit. Chinwagging and getting to know each other. Pub quiz. Pint of beer. Sleep….zzzzzzzzz…


Shit! Time to get up!

Early run on the River Mersey. Breakfast (I’m quiet for 5 minutes). Into Manchester for a great intro to what ASICS was all about. Talks about the new ASICS gear. Guest speaker Mara Yamauchi (2nd fastest GB marathon lady). Lots of photo shoots. Monument style treasure hunt around town in groups whilst taking creative selfies. Pizza Express. Big ass coffee! Indoor skydiving. Drive home and feed the dog. This was not included for everyone in the weekend plan. Although the entire group is always welcome to come and say hello to my pooch! (That’s not a strange euphemism).


Manchester Marathon relay for me. Loved running as part of a team. Said some goodbyes. Felt the same emotions I get at the end of a fantastic traveling holiday when I meet friends that I feel like I have known for ages!

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team
Posing whilst a Canadian Goose tries to peck at a couple of the team at the back of the shot hahaha
ASICS Frontrunner UK Team
I was completely honest with the girls in the group… They’re a good looking bunch and I thought that this would make me look a little cooler to my mates haha.

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team

Boom! That’s it in a nutshell. That quick summary turned out to be a little longer than I expected when I started writing it, but there you have it, that’s what happened over the marathon weekend. I’m sure I missed out one or two things, toilet visits, changing clothes…you don’t need to know everything about my days!

What a weekend with some lovely people

All of a sudden I knew what being a Frontrunner was all about, being part of an awesome team of incredible athletes and personalities. This bunch are a real mixture that include some insane times and distances covered, some who have achieved things very much out of the ordinary and many who are just damn right inspirational from the way that they approach life and the way that they run with a smile on their face with a will to strive to greater things every time they put on a pair of running shoes. The one thing that every single member does share though is a deep love for all things running.

The first meet up with this gang was truly inspiring and weekend that I will never forget, but this will not be the last of the meet ups. I know that I will be attending more as the year goes on and I am sure that there will be some smaller meet ups within the group so that we can tackle races together and create some amazing friendships.

I am honoured to be part of this group and I cannot wait to become even better friends with these guys and girls because they are genuinely brilliant people. Legends, the bloody lot of you!

Right…I’m off.

Oh wait…I also have to mention team mate Matt Rees a.k.a. @thewelshrunner, who today helped a Chorlton runner, David Wyeth across the finish line at the London Marathon. A top quality bit of sportsmanship. Matt has shown here what makes the running community the beautiful thing that it is. Check it out below…it is heart warming stuff!


  • How amazing, you must be so proud! Great motivation to keep going too 🙂

    • Pete Nicholson

      Thanks Sarah, I am very proud. It’s great to be involved in a yeah with so many inspirational personalities. It can only motivate me further going forward. And more friends is always a bonus. I’m a people person!!! Haha

  • What an amazing opportunity! Congrats for running in the marathon relay, looks like you made some great running mates. Hopefully you’ll race with them again soon 🙂

    • Pete Nicholson

      Thank you. It’s been great so far and I’ll certainly be doing my best to make the most of every opportunity going forward with the group too!
      I’ve definitely made some friends already and I have no doubt that many of them will become great friends forever!

  • Katie G

    “Not every day that I get to hold myself on a railing using nothing but the grasp of my arse cheeks! haha” – You’re flipping awesome! I cracked up reading this!!!!

    • Pete Nicholson

      Got to have a laugh. I’ve not done any grasping since! I’m sure my time will come again ha