Pot Kettle Black Manchester Review

25 Sep 16  / Pete

Brunch that packs a punch and possibly the best coffee that I have had the pleasure of tasting in all of Manchester. Pot Kettle Black certainly knows how to satisfy my taste buds and they make some damn good eggs!

Sunday was a short run day, so it was the perfect opportunity to pop into Manchester and get some brunch before watching a film. Brunch is most certainly in my top 6 in terms of meals in my day! haha.

Pot Kettle Black Manchester
Sit here and have your taste buds tingled!
Pot Kettle Black Manchester
A beautiful setting in Barton Arcade

What first attracted me to Pot Kettle Black?

The location is superb. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Barton Arcade in Manchester, it is a beautiful building to walk through, just taking you off the busy and bustling Deansgate with an entrance that suddenly opens up to a contrasting scene when compared to the main road which you have left behind, as you are surrounded by grand Victorian architecture in a grade II listed building which is a joy to take in. I always take a moment to stop and take a picture or two in this place because it is just beautiful.

What’s better than stepping off the busy main road and walking through the arcade? Sitting inside whilst relaxing with a friend (Amber was the lucky guest today! ha), eating great food and sipping a latte that hit the spot perfectly.

The Elegant Decor

In keeping with the beautiful surrounds of this arcade, the interior of the cafe is slick, cool and classy, but without feeling in any way uncomfortable or pretentious. It’s just an open, relaxing space to spend a morning chatting.

Pot Kettle Black Menu
Bring me 1 of everything please! I will devour it all!

The Brunch Menu

With a good variety, eggs are where it is at for me and there’s certainly a good amount of those protein-packed breakfast bad boys on this menu, cooked in a variety of ways to suit all tastes. I went for the eggs benedict with paprika-cured pork loin.

“Great choice Pete. This is frickin’ delicious!”

The second that my friend Amber cut into her eggs and I saw that yolk pouring out (#eggporn!), I knew this was going to be a satisfying meal. The eggs were cooked to perfection, on a bed of pork loin that was heavenly as the smokey taste of paprika shone through, on top of a sourdough toast, it was nailing what I required for brunch, and the hollandaise sauce just wrapped it up with a creamy texture that was like one giant food hug. I think it’s safe to say that I was more than satisfied with this dish! Damn, it was tasty. If someone brought out another plate, I would have smashed it to pieces, right in between my chops! That’s not to say that I wasn’t full, I was just in the mood for eating the world after tasting that dish! The portion size was in fact, bang on the money.

Pot Kettle Black Manchester
I could eat those eggs every damn day

Pot Kettle Black’s Artisan Coffee

Described by PKB as ‘the evolution of coffee’, I can certainly see where they are coming from! I love a coffee, especially when I am out and about in Manchester having a relaxing morning, and the coffee here is superb. Served on a cute tray, it is crisp and strong but not at all over-barring. I like my coffee with a good amount of milk (sorry espresso enthusiasts!), so sometimes I can find that a full on, super-strength coffee can be a little bitter for my liking, but the coffee here was exactly to my taste. It also comes served with an accompanying glass of cold water which I think is always a nice touch with a meal. I know it is a small detail, but ever since travelling around Japan, where water and green tea was always complimentary, it was nice to see a glass of the good stuff served up with every coffee.

My Overall Thoughts?

Well, unless you skipped every other word I wrote, you will know I am a massive fan. Great food, great coffee, and the service staff were really friendly and served with a smile. A vital ingredient to any food experience!

Pot Kettle Black, keep doing what you’re doing. You are smashing it!

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