Pilates. Great for the body, the mind and for runners!

15 Feb 16  / Pete

I have had a couple of weeks of hard running training but I have slipped up on my pilates! Tonight I got back on the right track and I felt so damn good, I had to share my reasons why I recommend pilates to anyone I know who runs. In fact, anyone at all!

As a running nutter, I can sometimes be guilty of being a little bit single-minded when it comes to my exercise regime. Obviously, if you want to improve your running times and stamina, you need to get some miles smashed with your running shoes, but there’s much more to running than running itself. This is where pilates comes in!

Pilates – Why I love it and what it does for me


Now anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get stressed too easily, but we all have those days at work where we could do with a complete unwind at the end. Today was one of those days and pilates really does allow me to completely escape the day mentally. For 45 minutes, I am in that class and my mind goes nowhere outside of those walls. Now I feel rejuvenated after my class! Get in there pilates!

Core strength

Having a strong core can help your running technique and you know what that means…quicker times! Not only that but better form with your running and therefore, a much better chance of avoiding those pesky injuries.


You can never be too flexible! And in my case I am about as flexible as a house brick, so pilates certainly helps me on that front.


A big part of both pilates and yoga is focusing on your breathing. I know that this focus helps me for when I run and having well-controlled breathing technique certainly improves my stamina.

Pilates makes me feel so good by the time I finish a class. And you can do it anywhere!

If you are not doing pilates, get it in your schedule. I am so glad I added it to mine last year!