No Time To Eat Healthy? Balls!

24 Nov 15  / Pete

I often get asked how I find the time for all of my cooking as I usually turn up at work with something that looks pretty bloody healthy and time-consuming. The fact of the matter is, it is really easy once you get some basic preparation techniques in your days.

At least once per week when I am throwing a meal in my wok, I will chop up some extra ingredients and pop that in the oven whilst I eat my wok goodies. One of my favourites for this is simply to chop up a load of chicken and juicy vegetables, throw in some spicy herbs and spices, usually cumin and paprika are on my list! Easy process checklist:

  • Get your goodies ready for dinner and in the wok.
  • Chop up your yummy food for lunch the day after – Pop it in the oven.
  • Dish up your dinner from the wok and get stuck in.
  • Once that’s in your belly, get the oven off and lunch is ready for tomorrow!
  • Cook a big batch of both and you have got plenty!
  • Leftovers or extra meals if you have a run.