New to running? Parkrun could be for you

10 Jun 15  / Pete

Parkrun UK is a fantastic organisation and a great way to help people get into running or back on the fitness trail. Whether you have been sat on your couch for 25 years, or you run around like a blue-arsed fly, Parkrun is a great place to run, improve fitness and meet new, like-minded people.

What is it? Parkrun is simply a 5k course marked out at a local park, ran by volunteers who are doing an amazing job, mostly on weekend mornings. Good on ’em!

It is a 5k course meant for all types of runners. And I cannot specify that enough. This really is for anyone. This is not a race, but somewhere that you can have your times tracked so that you can keep a record and mark your own progress over time.

Once you register you are given a barcode that will enable you to track your times on their website for free.

It really is a superb idea and has helped get thousands into running. So if you want to join this fantastic group, just pop onto their website and get registered for your wristband – Parkrun UK.

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