Midweek Race Night – Saddleworth 6

13 Aug 15  / Pete

The Saddleworth 6 mile race on a Wednesday night. Why the heck not? Events keep me motivated so when one pops up 20 minutes from where I live, I sign my bloody name up!

The Saddleworth 6 is a 2 lap loop performed 100% on road with a decent bit of up and downhill for a road race. Personally, my body actually gets tired more easily when performing the flatter, more consistent races, probably because of the ongoing usage of the exact same muscles for most of the race. I like a bit of variety and my body seems agree with me on that one!

It was a bloody hot one!

The weather was rather hot last night. It was pretty humid too. Not my personal preference of top race day conditions! But still I managed to get a great time for myself. With a 10k PB of 41 mins 35 secs grabbed at York only 2 weeks ago, this race actually came in at 9.8kms and I finished in 40 mins 32 secs. Very, very happy with myself. Especially when this course is considered to be more difficult than a standard flat race. I should have been getting a slower average km pace than York in theory, but luckily for me, I managed to scrap that theory and stick it in the trash!

Get your ass to the start line!

I would recommend this race to anyone looking for a great midweek burst. The local crowds were superb and the turnout for the run was a lot higher than I would have expected beforehand.

Competing is why I run, but some of the crowds that encourage you at these events can remain in your head and heart long after. Thanks for the motivation and push when I needed it Saddleworth!

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