Manchester 10k – Laughs, Fancy Dress, Best Crowd Ever!

22 May 16  / Pete

Manchester 10k is the largest 10k event in Europe, but the biggest thing in Manchester is the support. What a superb day and atmosphere! It was uplifting and motivating out there today and I would like to thank everyone who cheered me on because you made my day. What a superb event!

This was the second year that I have ran the Manchester 10k and I loved it. This is so much different to me than any other race. I don’t do this event for a PB, it really isn’t set up well for it. If you want a PB, do not go to the busiest 10k in Europe! haha. Don’t get me wrong, some people will smash their previous times, but for me this is a run to simply enjoy.

I have come to learn over the last 12 months that not every race is a full on PB attempt. There is a mixture in my races nowadays. I have some really good, tough races where I am all out going for times, but I love to counteract this with some fun races now and then. This is where the Manchester 10k race comes in for me. I still start in the correct wave for my running ability and estimated time but I love to soak in the event more than anything.

So, I Dressed Up As A Banana

Having ran this race last year and treated it more as a serious 10k PB attempt, I was keen to use it this year as a really fun run. So I popped my banana outfit on haha.

Let me tell you, if you run through Manchester on this day dressed as a banana, the encouragement you get from the crowds is incredible. I have done a lot of mad fancy dress running but this was a different level in terms of the support. It is days like this that not only do I love running, I also grow in love and admiration for the great city where I was born. Manchester, you are full of absolute legends!

Due to everyone getting behind me so much during this event, I felt the need to shout a lot of words and chants of encouragement to others runners myself. I was pumped! I love getting in this mood when doing any sport. Give it your all, drive a few others along for the motivational ride and get it bloody smashed! You can hear me shouting at everyone on the video below haha.

Shouting My Words Of Encouragement

My Race Day Video Selfie!

I have picked up a habit of getting myself a fun packed video selfie each time I race. It is something I have done for the last 3 races and I plan on doing it every single race until the end of the year and making a collection video haha.
In today’s race I managed to get a selfie with a giant bear and a band. Beat that! Check it out below:

Sprint Finish – And I Legged It!

Manchester Greatrun 10k

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