We Love Manchester 10k Race Report

10 Jul 16  / Pete

Starting and finishing on the athletics track next to the Etihad stadium is always a great way to race, but today was about enjoyment and soaking in the usual fantastic support. Manchester people are awesome on race days!

Having run this race last year and achieved what at the time was a PB, I initially booked this with another PB being my main ambition, but that was a few months back before I wrote out my marathon training plan. Since then, I have had to reevaluate a couple of my upcoming goals.

I am currently at the end of week 3 of my training plan, and I couldn’t factor in a 100% race pace run this weekend, so I had to stick to just running at more like 80% effort today. Having decided that was how I would be running, the banana suit was an easy decision for the race!

We Love Manchester 10k
Another mid-race selfie for the banana!

Glossop Banana!

Wearing my banana outfit always causes a few laughs, plenty of chants and encouragement, especially from the kids who are usually giggling at me, and most of all puts me in a really fun spirit for the day. It provides a great outlet for me when I need to attempt to run at less than 100%. Instead, I focus on enjoying the run without looking at my watch or seeing how far through the race I am. I simply run. Old school, no nonsense running. Except whilst dressed as a banana hahaha.

We Love Manchester 10k Selfie
Not the first time Tony from Sweatshop Running Community has appeared on my blog!

Mid-race selfies as usual

The course

For those of you that have never run this race, it is really flat. Had I have not been at this stage of my marathon training, it would have made for a perfect PB attempt. If you are looking at trying for a new 10k PB in Manchester, book onto this race! The one thing I would advise is that you get on the starting track a little earlier than usual to get yourself an advanced starting position. There are over 2000 runners on that track and if you aren’t anywhere near the front, it takes a few hundred metres before you get some clear ground in front of you. The Manchester Great Run 10k is like this but more severe. At least on this race, you can position yourself to have a chance of attempting to smash your time.

We Love Manchester 10k
Sprint finish! I always sprint finish

My overall feelings

Despite being well short of last year’s time, I am very pleased with how the morning went. In fact, I am quite proud that I resisted pushing myself further than I did. Giving this 100% could have been detrimental to my training and this discipline is something that I am only just starting to get used to having not followed a proper training plan for my first marathon last year.

I finished with a time of 46 minutes and 11 seconds. This is actually my slowest 10km race apart from my first ever one over a year ago but as I mentioned, I absolutely loved the day! The fans were great, my Mum and Dad came to see me run and I thoroughly enjoyed running out there today.

Always make enjoyment your number 1 priority

Today was another reminder that a PB is not the only way to enjoy running a race. Get yourself a stupid outfit and act like the proudest, most confident nutter around whilst you run with a big smile on your face…see the reaction you get. It’s immense! I love to add this into my running every so often because it keeps me happy with running. I need a good mixture of the fun and the serious, just like every other aspect of life really. Learn to love a sport and you won’t want it to end.

Thanks to everyone!

As always, thank you to everyone who was a part of this event. From the staff at UKFast and Sports Tours International, to the supporters who were immense, and the other runners who are all legends. Without all of these people, I couldn’t experience such brilliant race days. Lots of running love to every bloody one of you!

The real winner – Pippa!

One final word from my favourite medal recipient! Thanks for reading my report. Pippa said thanks too!

We Love Manchester 10k

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