Looking back 4 years: lazy unconfident sack of shit

04 Jul 17  / Pete

Roughly 4 years ago, possibly a little bit more, I returned from Australia, having spent the best part of 2 years out there. I hadn’t done any real exercise for that whole time, I’d not even got close to beginning this running madness I’m currently consumed by, I was unfit, fresh out of a long term relationship which is always tough, I was out of work for a loooong time and to be Frank, I was a f*cking shambles. My confidence was absolutely shot to shit. Something had to be done. I needed the old Pete back!

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I wanted other people who are going through crap times to know how much getting fit helped me and if there’s 1 person who can read my little bit of rambling and it can encourage them to exercise some of their happy back, I’d be as happy as a pig in shit!

Getting Fit

Getting started can be tough

Now, anyone who reads my blog or knows me knows how much I love to run, but back then running was something I detested. I only started jogging to get me out of the house and straighten my head every so often. When I’d moved back into my parent’s house after being away since my early 20s and I’d been applying for jobs for about 9 months, a run was the break that I needed. Anyway, I’m bloody side tracking again…I always do this…

As I said, getting started can be tough (take 2)

Exercise on your own can be a bitch to start. Not just from a motivational point of view, but a confidence one as well. For some, the thought of exercising in public can be very daunting and I’m sure it’ll be the very reason why a lot of people don’t bother.

I know it’s easy to say, but that first hurdle is the hardest and you can get over it! I have felt the awkwardness of turning up to a running group not knowing what to expect. I’ve been the slim guy walking through the weights section of a gym trying to figure out what weights to use, thinking I’ll be judged for being weak. I’ve been the only bloke turning up to many exercise classes because those particular classes have a much higher presence of females (I just sound like a bloody pervert now). So yes, I’ve felt some serious nerves before getting into exercise regimes but I’ve bitten the bullet and got that first one done. And you know what? It’s usually not half as bad as you think!

There’s groups and classes for all abilities and levels of fitness nowadays. Not everyone is the expert that you imagine, not everyone in the gym is a toned God or Goddess. There’s plenty of humans in there probably feeling exactly like you do! So please, if you want to try and get your mojo back with some exercise, try and take that first step. Hell, if you’re anywhere within the Greater Manchester or Peak District areas, give me a shout! I will happily join in absolutely any exercises if it helps somebody out. I will take you for a jog, go to aqua aerobics, play a game of badminton, whatever!

My lack of exercise wasn’t the only reason things weren’t going my way a few years ago, I made some crap decisions too but exercise was absolutely key in getting me out of the hole that I was in.

If anyone else has been helped out by the fitness bug, I’d love to hear from you. Just give me a shout or leave a comment below. And if you’ve got anyone who could do with reading this, please feel free to share it.

Thanks for listening to my waffle you sexy bunch!

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