Kettlebell Kitchen Manchester Review

22 Sep 16  / Pete

A fitness related food joint in central Manchester? Well, I had no choice but to check this place out! I had smashed my 20-mile run yesterday and was I due a good cheat meal. #eatcleancheatclean.

Off to Kettlebell Kitchen!

If you’re in Manchester, it’s an easy walk from Piccadilly gardens, just up Newton street. Once you’re at the top, you can’t miss it. It’s just over the road, so there’s no excuse not to try it out.

My first thoughts when I walk through the door

This place is cool. A simple but effective interior with a minimalistic style of a new age gym. Plywood built furniture with glass tops with each table having either a kettlebell or a weight plate as it’s centre piece. The counter area is welcoming and the awesome looking menu shouts out at you from above. You can view the full menu on their website here.

Kettlebell Kitchen
My eyes were scanning each column like a hungry mad man!

Kettlebell Kitchen

Kettlebell Kitchen Menu

There’s plenty to choose from on this tasty beast of a menu. Firstly you’ve got a ‘make your own’ style Kettlebox. Choose your protein, base (carbs), salad, veg, nuts and sauce. I would happily have tucked into anything from that section. If I had chosen a kettlebox, I would have gone for Surf ‘n’ turf with quinoa, all the salad and nuts they could get on there and pesto. Mmm mmm.

There’s also some awesome sounding wraps. From firecracker chicken, to pulled pork, or sunny tasty falafel…plenty of choice again. Perhaps a chicken protein waffle burger or beasty bagel burger is more your thing? And if you’re extra peckish, you can ‘get massive’ for an extra £2.

  • There’s also some deliciously tempting sides on there.
  • Healthy hummus.
  • Sweet potato fries or mash.
  • Halloumi.
  • Clean slaw.
  • Clean beans.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Corn on the cob.
  • And last, but by no means least, there’s peanut butter sweet potato fries. Holy shit balls! If I’d have seen this before I placed my order, I definitely would have had to have given it a tryout. That’s all kinds of right!

My weapon of choice was one of the gluten-free based pizzas, the chicken cheatcorn to be precise. This was thanks to a member of staff recommending it upon my question of ‘what’s your favourite pizza, mate?’. Spoken in a very Northern accent, of course.

Chicken Sweetcorn Pizza? Tell Me More!

A clean tomato base with chicken, sweetcorn, spring onions, topped with a low sugar sweet chilli sauce.

Here is the spec of this beast of a dish:

  • Gluten free base.
  • 699 kcal, 17.2g fat, 147.7g carbs, 37.7g protein.
  • Plus cheese! Extra 75p
  • At a cost of £9.95 plus the extra for the cheese is thrown on.

Kettlebell Kitchen Chicken Cheatcorn Pizza

The Big Food Reveal

Upon opening the box (oohh…the anticipation!), the pizza isn’t too small, but also not too large, just a suitable size for one, and it looks about right for my current hunger levels. I know I’m going to be full by the end. This will prevent the public from seeing hangry Pete! You won’t like me when I am hangry (anger caused by hunger).

Just How I like It

I am not a deep pan fan, and thankfully, neither is Kettlebell Kitchen. Thin and crispy, just the way it should be. There is nothing over complicated here, a handful of ingredients kept simple with a good kick of flavour and a satisfying crispy crunch to the base. Mmm mmm. I’m enjoying this. Hell….the way I’ve been running I’ve earned this. I probably need these damn carbs! Oh, and for this particular pizza, the sweet sauce just adds that little extra zing that brings it together nicely. Get in!

As I sit in the window, steadily devouring my box of goodness, passers-by are certainly showing some interest. Interest in the food, not me, I presume! Maybe I’m doing myself a disservice there ? . There’s certainly a few faces wondering what’s being served in here. Some raised eyebrows of curiosity. Well, come on in guys and girls! The staff don’t bite, as far as I know.

Kettlebell Kitchen Menu
Plenty of yummy choices!

Solid Menu Choices

The menu has plenty to choose from and I honestly cannot see a single item that I would not like to try. That plus the fact that a cool funky tune had just come on the speakers in here. I can’t put my finger on the title of it but I know the Chili Peppers covered it in the 80’s. Anyway, it’s not about this funky bass beat I’ll now have in my head all afternoon, it’s about what’s on the menu, and from what I’ve tasted today, I would certainly come back to try some more from the KBK menu. The peanut butter protein sweet potato fries will without doubt on my next plate! I can’t tell you how many things are right with that title. If anyone has some of those, feel free to throw them directly into my face.

Anyway, it’s not about this funky bass beat I’ll now have in my head all afternoon, it’s about what’s on the menu, and from what I’ve tested today, I would certainly come back to try some more of what Kettlebell Kitchen has to offer. The peanut butter protein sweet potato fries would be without doubt on my next plate! Sweet potato? Peanut butter? I need to know how this tastes! If anyone has some of those and you see me in the street, feel free to throw them directly into my face.

Kettlebell Kitchen Menu
Eat clean, cheat clean. Clearly enjoyed my food!

I Shall Return!

I think this is the key to my review of KBK. I am not going to go with a star rating or anything like that, perhaps a kettlebell rating system would be more appropriate here. I will just say quite simply…Kettlebell Kitchen…you will be seeing me again. Oh yes!

Kettlebell Kitchen Menu
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