Honey & Ginger – Why They Should Be In Your Diet

15 Jul 15  / Pete

Honey and ginger are regular ingredients in my diet. Firstly, they are bloody yummy, but secondly they both have some great health benefits. I am currently sipping a glass of hot water containing them both because I have a bad cold. Man flu! haha

I always turn to these simple ingredients at times when I am not 100% and they seem to help me recover quickly.

The combination of these two helps with respiratory problems and therefore really gets to work fast on helping ease cold symptoms like a sore throat, cough or a runny nose.

Reasons to always include them in your diet

Studies have shown that combining honey and ginger results in chemo-preventive properties and can reduce the chances of cancer growth.
They are also good for your heart and help aid your digestion process. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Get some honey and ginger in your diet today!