Heaton Park 15km Race – Stroke Association

06 Mar 16  / Pete

My third race of the year. This 15km race was really enjoyable! I’ve raced here previously and it is far from flat! But after last week’s hard flat half marathon, this course was just what I needed. And as 15km is a random race figure, I also achieved a PB! It was my first 15km haha.

Late morning start

It was an 11am start for this one. Good news for me as I’ve been getting up early a lot recently so I appreciated not being in an early rush to get to the other side of Manchester. That can only be good for my race mood too!

There were three distances going on today, 5km, 10km and 15km. As always, I refused to pick the lesser distance when registering. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’d always be left wondering, ‘what if?’

Three laps of a 5km route around a beautiful hilly park. Piss easy!! Haha. No, in all honesty, it’s not an easy place to run but I prefer these races. Variety is the spice of life, and this rule applies when I’m running. I love a varied course and today it made me feel great!

1 pre-race bagel two hours before, sipping water until about 45 minutes before the race, and a good warm up. Boom! Job done.

I finished 4th out of all of the 15km runners. Very, very happy with this! My highest finish in any race. Only got near this when I finished 9th in my last assault course. Bloody chuffed to bits now! Wooohoo!!

As for the Resolution Run, I would totally recommend it at Heaton Park. It’s a good course to run. Lots of ups and downs, not many long straights, just plenty of variety. Something I find does me the world of good when I am racing. Stops overthinking or boredom kicking in!

Thanks to everyone at The Stroke Association for arranging this great event! And good luck raising more funds for your exceptional cause.

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