Hate Running? So Did I! So What Changed?!

09 Jul 15  / Pete

I used to hate running. I had absolutely no ambition to run whatsoever. It bored me to tears and felt like such a slog and an effort. But as of the last year, I have gone in the opposite direction. What changed?

I am now competing in runs every 3-4 weeks and training hard towards each one of them. So the question I ask myself is, where did my passion for running suddenly spring from? One word. Competition. I bloody love a bit of it!

Running for Charity

Having never personally raised money for a charity, it was something I had thought about for a few months and with running being such a common way to do so, I decided to book a race. Why the heck not? I love a challenge! The Lancashire 5k early in 2015 was my goal.

Having never done a race previously, 5k seemed a good place to start. I wasn’t an unfit person, but I had only ever played sports that involved short bursts of speed, nothing that involved long distance stamina. In fact, I was crap at long distance! Booking a race gave me a date to get in condition for, something to work towards and┬ásomething to compete at. Yes, I knew I wasn’t going to be amongst the front runners at the finishing line, not by a long shot, but I knew if I worked hard I could get a decent time for a first timer.

Being the determined lad that I am, I booked a 10k before I had even ran the 5k. I had found that after a few weeks of training I was really enjoying running all of a sudden. That task I once considered a boring slog, had turned into a real joy and focus that I was finding myself more interested in by the day. So to cut a long story short (I can waffle on at times), I found that by simply booking races, it gave me a reason to run. A reason to train. I no longer see it as a one-off task but as part of a longer training plan where every run counts.

Book a race today and get motivated!

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