Has the fun gone out of your run?

21 Apr 16  / Pete

Running can get pretty damn serious when you’re fighting for PBs all the time. I’ve started running as a banana once per week on the High St to keep it fun! Sod it! You only live once! haha

Having already spent 1 month last year running 10km per day dressed as Buddy The Elf, I knew I had to do something similar again just for shits and giggles!

Running races was something that was completely foreign to me until about 15 months ago. Once I got into it, I got hooked on the feeling of improvement. Every race resulted in a PB for my first 5 or 6 events. But eventually, they get harder to achieve.

It all got very serious

Don’t get me wrong, I love competing and working my ass off to get fitter, stronger and hit higher targets, but I found that I was losing some of my drive.

Where’s all the fun gone?

Running is all well and good, but what keeps me going? The health benefits are great, the post run endorphins are damn addictive, but what is the one thing that I need out of running? The answer is simple…FUN! I need to have some bloody good fun!

You can be the most dedicated, self-motivated individual on this planet, but if you don’t enjoy yourself, what is the point?┬áThis is where my fancy dress costumes come into play! The latest being a banana.

So, once per week I rock up to Glossop, the area where I work, get my banana costume out of the boot of the car, pop it on over my head and begin a few laps of the High St which is roughly 3kms long as a return journey. I run at a moderate pace. Nothing too full on, just whatever pace I feel like at that time. There’s no pace goals, distance targets or aims, it’s just me dressed as a banana, usually saying hello to everyone and waving at strangers beeping me from their cars, and I absolutely love it haha.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but my overall message is just to make sure you mix it up. Don’t get bogged down with hitting every mileage target, every single day. Let loose every so often and just enjoy the run.