Finished: 30 Days of 10km Dressed As Buddy The Elf

29 Dec 15  / Pete

So I dressed up as Buddy The Elf 30 times, ran 10kms every day except for day 30 when I ran 20km and raised £2220 for Marie Curie. Possibly the actions of a madman, but definitely the best running experience to date. The people of Glossop, you made my journey amazing. I love you all!

30 days of 10km in a fancy dress costume that was soooo damn hot. What was I thinking?! Who does this?! Well, from what I have seen so far in the streets and online, it appears it is only me who does this haha.

What exactly did i do for 30 days?

Monday – Friday:

I ran 10km through Glossop, Derbyshire – 6 lengths of the high street between Tesco and The Commercial Pub is 10km if you add a loop in Tesco car park on each lap.


I took part in the Park Run at Manor Park, Glossop. I ran as hard as I possibly could every single week and grabbed myself 3 new PBs for 5km (20mins 14secs my best). After each 5km Park Run, I finished with 5km on the high street again.


I took part in official 10km events on this day each week. Again, giving it my all! I believe I may be the fastest 5km and 10km Elf haha. I particularly loved the Tatton Yule Yomp and The Manchester Pudding Dash. They were superbly Christmassy!

Buddy The Elf

how it felt physically

This seemed to be the concern of my close friends and work colleagues and in all honesty, I had no idea how it would hit me. Yes, I have a few 10km races under my belt now and I can comfortably run that distance without too much stress on my body, but to do so every day without a single rest day was another beast entirely.

1 week in and I started to feel some pain in both my achilles and calves. I was getting a little tight in those areas and booked myself in for a sports massage at The Beauty Box in Glossop. This was the single best decision of my full month of running. Within 24 hours of my first sports massage, my symptoms and aches had completely left the building. I felt brand new again! I had a further 2 massage treatments during my running and I urge anyone undergoing such a challenge to do something similar. It will save you! Also, I have to say thanks to The Beauty Box as they donated my first massage. Legends!

All in all, I actually felt pretty comfortable most days. The only time it got a bit tough was early each week due to the fact that I had raced hard on both Saturday and Sunday and in normal circumstances should have been resting at this point.

what kept me going?

This is simple. The amazing people of Glossop!
After running for a few days, it became apparent that a lot of people were beginning to recognize me in the streets as I ran. To be fair, I was rather noticeable in my green and yellow suit! So many people looked at me with confusion early on in the month. I saw a few faces of disbelief at 7.30am whilst I ran with a smile on my face, mostly in the rain! But the one thing I got more than anything was encouragement.

Buddy The Elf

‘Go on GlossopElf!’

I had to get up at about 6:45am every day, pop on my Elf suit, do some stretches and have a bite to eat. Under normal circumstances, this would have been hard work. We all have that day of the week where we throw the sheets back over our head, hit the snooze button, or think that early morning run has no chance of happening today. But when you have hundreds of people each morning expecting to see you in an Elf suit, and there are kids on their way to school that always wave at you, getting up is the easiest thing in the world. I had all of the motivation I needed waiting for me in Glossop.

£2220 raised for marie curie – get in! thank you everyone!

My target was £1000, so hitting more than double that is incredible. To be honest, it is fairly overwhelming the amount of people who donated to my cause that do not know me personally. The comments that people have wrote on my justgiving page are amazing. I can sit and spend a night reading through them and they make my bloody day.


  • All of the selfies and pictures taken with members of the public.
  • Being on the radio twice. Thought I sounded ok too! haha.
  • More than doubling my fundraising target.
  • Being beeped at by what seemed like most of Glossop.
  • Running with PAS Man from Peak Active Sports – He was in fancy dress also. Legend. Think he nearly sweated to death haha.

what will i do next year?

Oh, now that would be telling! In all honesty, I do not know exactly what I will do next Christmas. But one thing I do know is that I will do something. It will be different and it will be bigger and better! That is a guarantee. I will return!!!!

one last thanks

I have to conclude with a word of thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I believe that Marie Curie is a great charity and everyone of you who donated has made a difference to someone in need. So you are all absolute legends and GlossopElf loves you all for it!

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