Day 5 Buddy Running – MoRun 10k – Heaton Park

22 Nov 15  / Pete

My first 10k in a while, this time dressed as Buddy as part of my month of running 10k per day. 44:03 was my time. 3 mins short of my PB but it’s not a flat course and I was dressed in a mobile sauna! Great atmosphere yet again.

This was another superb race to take part in. Such a great atmosphere in Manchester today at Heaton Park. Lots of great support with a fair few kids waving at me because I was Buddy The Elf. A particular highlight was a young girl shouting out what she wanted for Christmas to me. I assured her that she was on the nice list and that I will pass on her request to the big man. haha. Seriously, the interaction I have had so far from the public whilst dressing as Buddy has been pretty special. Moments like that melt your heart a bit! Awesome stuff.

Anyway, the race itself was great. The whole scene of the Mo Run is quite laid back and fun filled with everyone wearing fake moustaches or drawing them on, or obviously just sporting their own actual facial growth. This added a really cheery style to the build up but it still had enough seriousness behind it to make it a good hard slog for 10k.

I even got to meet Captain America today! Now that is what I call a Sunday!

Thankyou Heaton Park, all of your supporters, staff and runners. This was well worth getting out of bed early for.

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