Centurion 50 Mile Ultra. Fuelled by flat coke and sausage rolls

21 Sep 17  / Pete

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to start this ultra running crazy bollocks because normal amounts of running just doesn’t seem to satisfy my ‘crazy’. Long story short, I booked 3, this was race number 2 and my first ever 50 miler. Here is a quick recap of the madness including the crap I fuelled myself with on the day and my usual idiot style video for your entertainment. Enjoy you sexy bastards.

Here is my video of the day. Basically just me being a tit as usual whilst running 50 miles and shoving sausage rolls in my pie hole:

The journey to Chiltern Wonderland

I drove down the night before straight from work, only arriving in Oxfordshire at 10:40pm, had to call the lady owner of the B&B as she had gone to bed. Brilliant start haha. After what felt like several minutes of apologising for turning up so late, I got up to my room to check my kit for the morning.

5:20am: I was up and ready for action. Boom! After about 5 hours sleep, I was smashing some oats in between my chops to start my eating for the day of madness I had ahead. Then, I just needed to pick up my 2 mates, Alex (@theultragirl) and Lou (@loufraser124) as they were volunteering for the day like a couple of legends. Awesome work you two! Especially as Alex had fed me the night before with a cracker of a dinner and Lou brought me some avocado, eggs and bacon for my pre-race food top-up. Get in there! I topped this up with a tasty flapjack as well, so pre-race I had the following:

  • Oats – those individual tubs
  • Avocado, eggs and bacon
  • Flapjack

Good start to the day Pete, damn good. Food was my main concern for the day, having learnt some tough lessons about fuelling a long race at my previous ultra, SBU35. I was determined to shove a lot more calories in my face than I had done at that event and I was off to a flyer!

Centurion CW50 Chiltern Wonderland
No amount of miles stops me pissing around 🙂
Centurion CW50 Chiltern Wonderland
Smashing a double hot dog after the race

Eating during an ultra marathon

As I mentioned, this race was all about how I fuelled my body, and I had a few products to help me along the way:

  • Tailwind – to add calories to my water
  • Flat coke – again…to get as many calories as I could from my drinks in case I struggled to eat solid food
  • Salt caps – to help prevent muscle cramps
  • Everything I could possibly get down my throat at the aid stations

The aid stations were packed with lots of naughty foods and my favourites were the sausage rolls, bananas, watermelon, chocolate and crisps. Yes, for those of you who run shorter distances, this kind of thing might sound like a nightmare but these little beauties kept me going relatively strong for 50 miles! All hail the sausage rolls.

The balance of drinking Tailwind, flat coke and water, combined with a salt cap roughly every 8-9 miles and my superb intake of pastries and chocolate whilst running proved to be a cracking recipe for a successful day.

You can stick your 50 miles right up your arse

50 miles, you can suck my balls. I came and conquered. 46 miler in the Brecon Beacons in November. I am gonna absolutely go for that one like an idiot. Bring it on!

Don’t expect my next race report to include any fewer mentions of the word ‘arse’ or ‘balls’. It’s gonna be a beast!

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