Buddy The Elf Running – 300km In 1 Month As An Elf

18 Nov 15  / Pete

I wanted to end my year with something different. I had a Buddy The Elf suit (as you do!) and put 2 and 2 together. This resulted in me planning 30 days of 10km runs which started today. Think I have lost it haha.

For those of you who have no idea about me or this Buddy The Elf run that I came up with, I simply wanted to push my fundraising for Marie Curie to see the year out with a bang (£1000 target). This urge that I had to come up with a unique idea combined with the Buddy The Elf suit that I already owned could only result in one thing…Buddy The Elf running!

30 days of running. 10 kms per day. That’s the challenge.

Hey, I know I can run 10km quite comfortably. I can do it at a decent pace now as well, but 30 days on the bounce? And every day dressed in fancy dress? Sod it! It’s in the name of charity and I like a good laugh!

What I haven’t mentioned is the fact that I am doing 90% of my runs up and down the high street near my work. In Glossop, Derbyshire to be exact. I decided on this because it is a very busy area where I could create maximum publicity with my Elf running and try and get a good bit of social media going from it to help raise some funds for Marie Curie.

Day 1 went really well. I did my first run on my lunch hour. Again, so I could make the biggest possible arse out of myself haha. Believe it or not, I am not the most confident person, but I like to push myself into these slightly daunting situations every so often for a confidence top up. And boy, does it work!

I have learned that running as an Elf, on your own through a busy town centre will result in lots of honking, an incredible amount of staring and a few selfie requests from strangers. All in all, it was a damn good laugh.

See you all tomorrow Glossop! This time, I will do it after work to hit the traffic queues hahahaha.

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