Buddy The Elf Day 9: £1000 raised! I am well chuffed

27 Nov 15  / Pete

Having just completed the 80-90km section of my Buddy The Elf running, the target of £1000 has just been struck with 21 days left! The people of Glossop are awesome! You beauties!

When I began doing my Elf runs 8 days ago, I think I was at roughly £500 with my Marie Curie fundraising. My target was £1000 for the year and after just 9 days of crazy Buddy running, the grand mark has just been smashed! Get in there you little belter!

I am over the moon and so grateful to everyone who has donated. I am also so grateful to each person who has beeped me on the high street, waved at me, or passed on words of encouragement. You keep me going every single day and I will not stop before day 30. Not a bloody chance!

I have had selfies with random people in the street, spottings of me are being posted on Facebook most days, I am beeped and encouraged by a shed load of people driving each day. It is just brilliant! I have been so overwhelmed by the support that has come from the public. Especially those who have mentioned that their kids have been over the moon after seeing me. I have had a few heart melting comments!

Anyway, this Elf can’t sit around being emotional all day, I have got another 10k to get stretching for! And I have a few pics to get in on at lunch before my run to say thanks for my free sports massage last night!

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! I will. I will be running dressed as an Elf hahaha. Ah what a random life I leed.

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