Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon race video

28 Nov 17  / Pete

My third ultra marathon in the past 4 months was a beast. 2 laps of just over 23 miles each with over 6100ft of inclines made for a tough days work, but don’t worry, I filmed some of it so you can have a laugh.

Check out the madness! And trust me, that’s exactly what this ultra marathon malarky is…utter batshit crazy.

Brecon Beacons Ultra Race Video

Earlier in the year I had set myself the goal of not just running my first ever ultra marathon, but completing 2 that would gain me 8 points towards racing the CCC race at Mont Blanc next year. I’ve managed to complete my stupid target and I chucked in an extra ultra just for shits and giggles. Happy days!

Take that 2017! You’ve been a challenge… Boy, you’ve been a challenge, but a damn fine one. Am I now an ultra runner? Is this now my discipline? Who knows? I’m certainly going to be applying for the CCC next year which is 101km with over 6100m of ascent, so it’s looking like I’m enjoying this mental ride. I must be off my bloody rocker.

Later potata!

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