Bournemouth Marathon Done – I Died a Little

05 Oct 15  / Pete

Having done my first half marathon 4 weeks ago, taking on my first marathon in Bournemouth would have been described by some as brave, and others as completely stupid.

Just a piece of advice for any of you brave enough (or stupid enough!) to take on a marathon:

Give yourself sufficient time to train properly. Yes, I may have survived, completing my first marathon in 4 hours and 37 minutes, but  many people were suffering badly in the later miles, and there were a few casualties too. I wish all the best to anyone who suffered to such an extend during the race and hope that they all get back to full health and fitness. Seeing people not make the end of the race due to their health really makes you aware of the physical challenge you have undertaken.

A marathon is not for the faint-hearted and it’s no picnic! This is a serious physical challenge that requires dedication and training as well as a well thought out diet. I did ok thanks to a lot of hard work for previous races and eating well, but I will be training a lot more before my next one.

Respect 26.2 miles. If you don’t, quite simply, it could f*ck you up.

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