Why Bananas Are Great Pre & Post-Workout

02 Dec 15  / Pete

I must admit, before running on a regular basis, I was never a massive fan of bananas. Now…I can’t get enough of the bendy little devils! But why are they so good pre and post workout? Simple…

Fast acting carbs.

Unlike complex carbs that help release energy over a longer period of time, the carbs in bananas are fast acting and don’t hang about!


Eating 30 – 45 mins before a workout will give you a timely spring in your step. I find this timing is spot on for some much-needed energy to get me through a run or gym session.

They’re good for post-workout too? Too right they are!

Once you complete your exercise you need to help your muscles repair with protein and you also need to replace the carbs you used up. Carbs are your main energy source so you need to restock after a tough run or gym session.

But why should you eat these fast-acting carbs rather than complex carbs post-workout? Well, as I mentioned earlier, you need your protein for muscle repair and rebuild but it’s the carbs that get your protein to it’s source and the quicker you get the protein to it’s destination, the better the muscle recovery and rebuild. This is why the carbs in bananas are the perfect weapon for a post-workout recovery along with a protein shake.

Of course, shakes aren’t the only thing you can have with your banana post-workout. Personally, I like natural yoghurt with banana, berries and yummy granola or oats. Finish with a little honey or peanut butter. Yum bloody yum! Or today I had a good old fashioned protein banana split! Ooosh! Get in!

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