Attending But Not Running The Manchester Marathon. Loved Motivating Others!

10 Apr 16  / Pete

Experiencing a marathon from the other side of the fence was a strange feeling. I didn’t know if I was jealous or relieved that I wasn’t running today! Motivating runners sure felt good though!

Today was the Manchester marathon. The flattest marathon in the UK, I believe. I wasn’t booked in for this race, thank God! I’m not at the correct training point for my marathons this year just yet! But seeing as it was just a short train and tram journey away, I wanted to attend with my camera and give some chants of encouragement.

As a passionate runner, I usually wake up on a Sunday with mild race nerves and excitement, but today I found I had those nerves even though I was not running!

I have a few friends who ran today (so proud of you all), and I felt concerned for them. Not that I thought any of them would land themselves in hot water but 26.2 miles is serious business. I was just crossing my fingers for each of them and hoping that they would enjoy the day and stay injury free.

Luckily everyone I know made it through the day with a big smile on their face. Awesome work.

All in all, today has given me a fresh drive for my upcoming races and I was also really happy to have been able to cheer other runners on. Fans at races get me through the tough times so it was nice to be able to give something back on that front. I also got some great pictures of the day!

So if you’re not running and there’s a race on locally, go and give everyone a cheer and some words of encouragement! That’s what the running community is all about.

Come on!!!!