ASICS Frontrunner Europe Meetup: Community Spirit is Why I Run

13 Jun 17  / Pete

Wow…That weekend was like a rollercoaster. It grabbed me by the balls, chewed me up and spat me out! And I absolutely bloody loved it 🙂

The past few days have summed up exactly why I love to run. PEOPLE. When I say people, I mean fellow runners. As a member of the ASICS Frontrunner UK team, I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the first ever international meetup in Neuss, Germany. 146 team members from 16 different countries were in attendance for what turned out to be an epic gathering of some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met.

ASICS Frontrunner UK Team
Team UK with Maximilian Longrée. Ironman legend. Look at those beautiful bastards! haha

Running was something I took up almost 3 years ago and it started as a way to get fit but it turned into so much more because I fell in love with the running community. I can’t get enough time with other runners, and I always finish these race trips feeling emotional because I get to meet people who I end up being great friends with.

ASICS Frontrunner Europe, I absolutely love you lot! You have stolen my heart (Get a grip Pete! haha). Seriously though, this team is made up of so many different running disciplines and levels of ability, but every single member supports each other as if they are the best of friends. Being away with both the UK team and the other European teams felt like meeting up with life long friends. I simply cannot wait for the next meeting!

ASICS Frontrunner Team UK and Netherlands
Beers on the final night with UK and Netherlands team members. What a great laugh I had with this lot. Team Netherlands, you will see me again! mwahaha! Photo credit: @chrisberendse

New to running? Get yourself in a running group

This whole blog just leads me back round to one of the best decisions I ever made, and that was to join a running group. For me, it was with Sweatshop, Hyde, over 2 1/2 years ago and it was the first step in changing my social life entirely. I went on to meet other runners, compete in races I previously knew nothing about, my confidence grew immensely and most importantly, I gained friends that are now very special to me. Now I run as a member of Glossopdale Harriers, I continue to run with Sweatshop from time to time and I am an ASICS Frontrunner UK team member. It is a privilege to be involved with such fantastic communities. I wouldn’t swap them for the world.

Happy running everyone! Check back soon to see my blog on this weekend’s Neuss 5km race weekend with ASICS Frontrunner Europe. It will be packed with more team mate love, me looking like a crazy person dressed as a banana…again…and plenty more!

Later potatas.

ASICS Frontrunner Europe Team
You sexy bastards you! Every bloody one of ya

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