Another PB, But Mistakes & Lessons Learned

13 Jul 15  / Pete

This weekend was my latest race. The Decathlon We Love Manchester 10k. I knocked another minute of my PB! Chufty badges were plenty. Get in there you slag!

Firstly, I was very happy with myself because I beat my 10k PB with a time of 42:19, knocking just under a minute off my previous best. But the main reason I wanted to report on the race was to make note of my errors.

It isn’t all about the time for me, it is about personal improvement. I need to keep learning from any mistakes that I make and I am sure there’s a few I haven’t yet come to realize just yet.

My main error –┬áStarting like a rocket!

I knew damn well that I needed to maintain a rate of about 4 minutes and 15 seconds per km to beat my previous record, and if I could push a little South of that, I would get a brilliant time (for me anyway). Yet 1 km in, 3 minutes and 30 seconds have passed. That is a 35 minute 10k if I keep that up! I must be dreaming to think I can improve that much in such a short period of time haha. I am an optimist to say the least. I like to aim for the stars! But I definitely bit off more than I could chew with a 3.30 starting km.

Next time I need to actually stick to my times that I have figured out prior to the race! Listen to my head and not just my heart once in a while.

Main lesson learned

Why many runners do a negative split. Take it at an easier pace early on and use your extra energy to push on faster in the latter kms. Pushing too hard in the early stages simply leaves you running on almost empty for a lot of the race. Seriously, I didn’t play this one well. Despite my good time, I spent several kms running with regret as I felt completely shagged!

Still, it was a bloody good event though. I loved starting and finishing on the athletics track next to Etihad stadium. What a superb bit of motivation it is when you come into a little stadium with a couple of thousand people cheering you on! Next run…the York 10k in just under 3 weeks. Come on! Lets smash it!

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