A Little About Sprint Kitchen

I’m Pete, a running and cooking nut from Manchester, previously a slightly lazy lad who had lost my way with fitness as well as my overall motivation and mojo. Luckily, as I hit my late 20s and crossed into my 30’s I discovered running and a shed load of other activities that have transformed my life. Once I combined this with my love for healthy yummy foods, Sprint Kitchen was born.

Love to run. Love to cook. Love to travel.

Fitness, food and travel. These things with family and friends are pretty much what life is all about for me. They all fit perfectly into a continuous circle to create a fantastic lifestyle.

Enjoy your fitness.

I keep fit because it brings me pleasure. It makes me feel good. Sometimes, I compete at the highest level I possibly can. Attempt for PBs and work my ass off. Then every so often I throw some silly costumes into the mix and enjoy my race in a different way haha. You can see this in the picture below of me finishing the Tour of Tameside, a 4-day event that I decided to do as a banana for the final day. I do things like this a lot to keep my fun levels topped up. I run around Glossop town centre dressed like this on a semi-regular basis. Why the heck not? #smilespreading.

Tour of Tameside 2016 Finish


Buddy The Elf At Costa

Oh, and for a month leading up to Christmas, I run 10km per day dressed as Buddy the Elf around Glossop, Derbyshire. I will be repeating that again this year! #chistmassmiles.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle about me. Get checking out the rest of the site you filthy beasts!