9 Races in 20 Days – The Ups, The Downs & The Memories

30 Jun 16  / Pete

I have finally finished the busiest race period of 2016, completing 9 races in 20 days. Mont Blanc 10k was conquered, the tour of Tameside got smashed, the Rochdale tour has been battered and Offerton was taken care of. Tomorrow….Ninja Warrior audition in my banana outfit hahaha!

My completed races

  • The Rochdale tour – 3 days / 3 races
  • The tour of Tameside – 4 days / 4 races
  • Mont Blanc 10km
  • Offerton 10km

What the hell made me do 9 races in just 20 days?

Right, well first off the bat I have to say that I would not recommend this to anyone training at the moment for any future runs. Competing in races this regularly can be counter-productive to your training and it certainly won’t make you quicker and stronger.

Mont Blanc 10km
Conquering the climbs!

In that case, why the hell did I do it?

For me, racing and competing is about much more than what you are capable of physically. It is just as much a battle of the mind. This certainly applies a great deal more when upping the distances of your races to half marathons or further. At least it does for me!

9 races in 20 days is by no means a piece of cake for me. It took some serious mental strength on certain days to keep me going to the finish line. This is exactly why I set myself this challenge. I have to constantly push myself in my personal life with ridiculous ideas. It’s just who I am. It’s how I am wired. Wrong, possibly!

I love to test my mental resolve

With 2 marathons coming up this year, both in October, I wanted to push myself through a challenge that felt painful to even think of doing. Yes, I know…what the hell is wrong with me? It is all about conquering challenges that people would tell me not to take on. Maybe it is an illness! haha.

‘No way, you can’t do that Pete. You’re insane.’

The second I hear those words it is like a red rag to a bull!

‘Can’t? Can’t?! Oh, you’ll see! Just you wait!’

I love to do things that most can’t or simply won’t, otherwise life can be a bit predictable and that quite simply isn’t for me.

Rochdale 3 Day Tour
To the doubters, I stick my tongue out at you haha

The highlights of my 9 races

What have I taken from this experience?

Well, that is the number 1 question. I know I certainly won’t be doing this on a regular basis. Hell no! Don’t talk crazy. I have done enough races for a couple of weeks now. I need to get stretched out and hit my yoga and pilates again. Sports massage booked for next week too!

Mont Blanc 10km
What a view near the finish

I have learned that tour events are tough. Really tough. It isn’t just the effort of running a race day after day, it is the mental tiredness suffered during the days of competition. Racing after work as a 1 off day is something I enjoy, but when that race is followed by not sleeping until late due to the endorphins, then I suffer from this during the next work day and fuel myself with too much caffeine…it’s a big crash mentally and physically. Then comes a Friday night race that I didn’t quite have my usual energy for because of battling through work all day…late night endorphins from that race again…sleep late…up early to run a half marathon…you get what I mean by now. You can see the pattern. It is so much harder than single day events. But you know what? I loved it! hahaha.

Am I mentally stronger? Did I overcome any obstacles?

Damn right I did! That was the whole point of this experience. The 2 tour events, in particular, have given me a reference in my mind to go back to any time I am struggling in a race. I can revisit those tough memories and remind myself of how I got through the hard times. No pain, no gain! Mwahaha! Lets ‘av it!

My achievements

Here we have it…the 9 day collection in all of it’s glory.

Race Medals
My race bling! Never too old to love some race bling

Signing off

That is me done for a couple of weeks in terms of races. I am now starting my marathon training so I will have my plan up on the site within the next few days. Tomorrow I am auditioning for Ninja Warrior UK! haha. I am nervous, but as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that you can find here, nerves always happen before great things. So I will do my best to embrace them and use them to be bubbly, positive and motivated!

Come on!!!!!!

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