9 Races In 20 Days – My Toughest Yet?

10 Jun 16  / Pete

June has been marked in my calendar as when things get pretty serious. I have 8 x 10 km events and 1 half marathon within the next 20 days, starting this evening. I will do a 3-day tour event, a 4-day tour event, a run at Mont Blanc & finally a 10km race locally. Then on 2nd July, I have my Ninja Warrior audition!

So, here I am on Friday morning. I have my race gear with me at work and I am ready to start a month of madness. Well, I say a month of madness, in all honesty, this is simply the start of about 5 months of full on running madness. Maybe this is a standard amount for some, but personally, this is certainly where I take a step up and I cannot wait!

Over the next 3 weeks I will be running 9 different events including the Mont Blanc 10km which I am very excited for, then I have an audition for Ninja Warrior! I also start my marathon training during this period as well. So things are getting hectic and I am in serious need of getting my calendar laid out correctly so I know what I am doing every day! It’s planning time!

22nd Annual Rochdale Three Day Event

This is where the fun begins for me. Tonight I begin the 3-day tour near Rochdale which will comprise of a 10km road race, 10km trail race and finally a 10km fell race. I have been informed that this is a pretty tough going tour and I cannot wait. I usually look online at the race layout but I don’t go into too much detail. The surprise of the races is one of the things I like most. With the busy schedule, I will be working hard as always but I certainly won’t be turning up this evening looking to break my 10km PB. That is not high on the list of importance, not when I have so many races within such a short space of time.

Rochdale 3 Day Tour 10km
Tonight’s road race near Rochdale

The Tour of Tameside – 4 Day Tour

Coming up next week I then have an even busier weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all involve a good running challenge. Finally, I will get to do the Tour of Tameside! This tour is very local for me and I missed out last year as I was away on a stag do which was a very different kind of challenge. I certainly don’t expect to see one of my friends taped to a lamp post this weekend!

Again, the tour is said to be a toughy! With a 10km trail race, 6 Mile fell, a half marathon and a 7 mile road race, I reckon I might just be feeling it in my legs by the end of this weekend! I am really looking forward to this tour though. It has a lot of history and I am dying to tackle it. Bring it on!

Tour of Tameside
Good friend Tony at the front of the pack. Go on lad!

Mont Blanc 10km

Now this is one of the most anticipated races in my diary, without a shadow of a doubt. How could it not be? What an iconic setting to go for a race! I have never been to anywhere near Mont Blanc, I have only seen the surrounding mountain ranges when flying over the area. This race will involve a couple of days off work, a flight to Geneva before a transfer to Chamonix and that is where the race will be starting from.

The surrounding areas in Chamonix look absolutely stunning. Having taken many mid-race selfie videos at my previous races, I will be doing my upmost to get another one during this race. A selfie with a view is what I am after!

I decided late last year that 2016 was going to be about including some trips abroad to run in places that others might dream of, and this is the first tick off that bucket list.

Mont Blanc 10km
What a place to run. Stunning!

Offerton 10km

It might be a slight come down after what I know will be an amazing weekend in Chamonix, but 2 days after my flight home I am taking part in the Offerton 10km race.

Now Offerton, Stockport may not have the glitz and glamour of the French Alps, but I hear that Woodbank Park is a difficult run. At least this is what I have been told many times by some of my running mates who have done the Parkrun there. Another course that I have had in my head that I must try. I am really ticking some boxes this month! Go on me!

So that is it for June. Well, my Marathon training also begins this month. I am writing out my plan over this weekend and will get it up on the blog so others are free to use it, should they wish.

Oh, and just as July finishes I am going for an audition in Manchester for Ninja Warrior. hahaha. Another thing that will make me nervous! Yes, that’s correct…I do get nerves with these things. I think because I run about the streets in a banana outfit all of the time people think that nothing bothers me. But nerves are good…in fact, they are necessary. Nerves always come just before something amazing. Don’t shy away from challenges, just go for them!

Bring on the rest of June! I am going to smash it!!!!!

Ninja Warrior UK
Could I get through to the show?! Come on!!!

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  • Oh my goodness Pete this all sounds absolutely incredible! I’m so envious and impressed, good for you for getting out and making this happen. When it comes to Chamonix area, I’d be very happy to recommend places to eat/transport/accommodation etc as my family had a flat there for a few year’s (mainly when I was going through a pretty obsessive climbing stage) . There’s so much to see, so many incredible paths to run (very well signed!) and you simply must go up the ‘Aiguille du midi’ to have a closer look at the majestic Mont Blanc and surrounding area’s. Do you climb at all? If not, Chamonix might just tempt you..
    I think I need to go back, I’m getting mountain fever!!!

    • Thanks Katie! I cannot wait! It will be a fantastic way to crown this month of runs. I blog about running and food constantly, but travel is my other passion!
      I can understand why you would end up in an area like that if you had the climbing bug. I have never climbed myself but I can certainly see why people do it. My work colleague has done a heck of a lot of climbing and has told me about how much he loves this area too.
      I will certainly be checking out your recommendations. You will be receiving a Twitter message before you know it hahaha