30 Days of 10km as Buddy The Elf Running Returns!

31 Oct 16  / Pete

You heard it right…Buddy The Elf running is returning to Glossop and this time I will be adding in some madness in Manchester city centre too. I want to see #GlossopElf trending this year! The first run is on 20th November in Heaton Park for the Mo Run, but after that, it will take part on a daily basis in Glossop.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Buddy running or #GlossopElf, I run 10km per day for 30 days dressed as Buddy The Elf. I do about 90% of this up and down the High Street in Glossop, Derbyshire, mostly early in the mornings to make everybody laugh on their way to work. This year, I will also throw in some random visits in Manchester city centre, quite simply because it will be packed with people and I like to make people laugh hahaha.

Glossop Elf is back!
The Costa crew getting in on the act last year

In 2015, thanks to the support of hundreds of amazing people, I managed to raise £2,250.40 for the fantastic Marie Curie charity. This year I will be repeating the act but for the cancer charity Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust. One of my best friends lost his father earlier in the year, and I am going to do all that I can to help raise some funds for this fantastic charity (my goal is £2500). I know that this amazing charity has helped my friend’s family and they continue to do amazing work for thousands of others. If popping on an Elf suit and running around the streets can in any way help some people out, I don’t think it’s too much to ask!

#GlossopElf Fundraising Page

If you would like to do your bit in helping this great cause, you can do so by visiting my Justgiving page here. If anyone asks you about the Elf, don’t forget to spread the word. It is easy to remember the page because it is Justgiving.com/glossopelf …nice and easy! And for those who donate, thank you so much! Every single penny really does help.

Invitation to all runners! Come and Join Me!

Last year, I had a few awesome people who joined me on my runs including PAS Man from Peak Active Sports and Subway Man who also gave me a free sandwich afterwards! This year I really want to get as many people on board as I possibly can. It helps creates awareness for the cause and it is just great fun. You don’t have to be in fancy dress, by any means, but you are certainly welcome to come in your own costume! If you want to run with me or know anyone who would, contact me or feel free to drop me a message on one my social media channels.

Glossop Elf
See you soon everyone!

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  • LOVE this!!! Not sure if I could run 10k every single day (mostly due to laziness), but the fancy dress would certainly garner attention for good reasons!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It’s always a good challenge, but if last year is anything to go by, the outfit certainly sparks some smiles!