My 1st Half Marathon – 1hr 33m 57s – Well Chuffed

06 Sep 15  / Pete

My first half marathon is now complete. Well it was a trail marathon to be exact, but still, it’s all the same gravy! The Stockport Harriers Half. I bloody beasted it! mwahaha. I would totally recommend this one.

For my first half marathon, I am incredibly happy with my time. I think considering I started running only earlier this year, going from Park Run, to 5k, then to 10k events, I should be pretty chuffed! I think the main reason I am able to keep improving so much on my running is not only my running itself, but most certainly the way that I eat. Not only do I try and eat healthy on a daily basis, but I see food as fuel. It is something I love and enjoy, but also I consider what exercise I am doing throughout the week and adjust what I eat to suit this.

If you are running or trying to achieve any exercise goals, food is just as important as the exercise itself, so get learning about what you are eating and enjoy the hell out of your meals! Healthy never means boring. In fact, I think healthy food is far more bloody exciting than junk food!

Food…you beautiful little bastard

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