160km as Buddy The Elf done, 140km to go!

08 Dec 16  / Pete

Well, I am past the half way mark at long last but there is still a way to go yet!

That’s right, for those of you who have no idea what the heck is going on here, I have been running 10km per day up and down the High Street in Glossop, Derbyshire dressed as Buddy the Elf. And why the heck have I been performing such mad daily antics? To raise money of course! (I also secretly enjoy running as an Elf in public).

I have been raising money for Mesothelioma UK who are an awesome cause, helping out families connected to the victims of asbestos related lung cancer. It is close to my heart, having lost my Uncle earlier in the year and also having a great friend lose his Dad to this very disease.

Glossop Elf and Santa
Waiting at the lights. With Santa. As you do

£649.86 raised so far!!!!

Woohoo! This is a cracking total so far, but I will not be stopping at that! Lets keep it going everyone! If you help me keep the funds going, I promise to keep up the smiles, waves and high 5’s as I run.

So far, I have had donations from family, friends, people on the street…I even had £80 worth of donations from people at The Surrey Arms pub in Glossop where I was the guest of honour and turned on their Christmas lights. I even had to have a few drinks that evening. My hands were tied! Ah, the life of an Elf hahahaha.

I have also been asked to come into Glossop after my Parkrun in South Manchester on Saturday as the Glossop Vehicle Enthiusiasts club is having one of it’s car shows and the main man himself, Santa (I know him!) will be in town and wants to help donate some extra funds to my cause. What a bunch of champions!

Glossop Elf just giving donations

Where can you donate?

On my Just Giving page which can be found here or you can go to https://justgiving.com/glossopelf

Santa again! I know him!

How am I feeling?

I will tell you how I am feeling…absolutely knackered! haha. 10km every day in a suit that might as well be made from loft insulation is not easy work. It also takes a lot of effort in terms of time out of my day, washing the suit, running the distance, constantly running before, during or after work…but hey! It’s Christmas!!! And I never lose my Christmas spirit!

My legs may be tired, but my mind is buzzing, and that is thanks to the wonderful people who have cheered me on along the way. Every smile I receive from a stranger as they see an Elf run past, every beep of a horn as I am waiting for the traffic lights to change, and most certainly every message I get from a parent saying that their child now believes in elves…this stuff keeps me running every single day.

Bring on the last 140kms! Happy Christmas everyone!

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